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To help DBAV members experience the benefits of the services firsthand, Whitecoat offers all members complimentary basic health screening. This screening will give DBAV members a glimpse into the ease and convenience of using the WhiteCoat app for their healthcare needs.

DBAV members also have the exclusive opportunity to purchase the unlimited teleconsultation package at a preferred rate of only 690,000vnd/person/year. With this package, DBAV members can gain access to their registered medical professionals anytime and anywhere, making healthcare more accessible and convenient.

Additionally, Whitecoat also provides a home-based blood sampling service specifically designed for any work permit requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle of rushing to a health screening center on an empty stomach and without your morning coffee. Whitecoat can come directly to your requested location, ensuring a stress-free and efficient process.

About Whitecoat

WhiteCoat is a telemedicine ecosystem across SEA covering a seamless end-to-end provision of healthcare services. It includes diagnosis, health screening, medication prescription and door-to-door delivery of medication fulfillment as well as home tests. All from the comfort and convenience of your home or work.

Since its launch in 2018 WhiteCoat Singapore has worked with corporate clients to customize comprehensive, end-to-end corporate healthcare solutions that ensure extensive medical coverage for employees. This innovative healthcare approach will reduce significant HR costs, drive efficiency and improve the productivity and wellbeing of staff. But first and foremost, with our innovative healthcare approach it is cost containment both for the corporate and employee.

WhiteCoat has been known as a leading telehealth service provider in South East Asia now also present in Vietnam. They have been offering a convenient and seamless patient journey through our user-friendly WhiteCoat app.