Building the bridge between The Netherlands and Vietnam

A Dutch- Vietnamese bilateral trading platform

Vietnam and the Netherlands trade intensively with each other. Vietnam is a huge country with enormous opportunities and challenges. On the other side is the Netherlands: a small country full of entrepreneurs, knowledge and internationally trading companies that are keen to get to know Vietnam. The DBAV is a bilateral network that offers support to ease doing business. Particularly in Vietnam, it is important to join such a network because of the political governance system.
The Dutch government and companies really join forces here to make trade happen.
For SME members, we offer relevant events and a broad portfolio of business services. We can help with identifying business opportunities and assist in arranging meetings with Vietnamese customers online or offline, in English or in Vietnamese. For multinationals, we are particularly strong in helping them with advocacy to the local and national government authorities.

Doing business in Vietnam is not "a walk in the park"

Doing business in Vietnam can be daunting, if you step in without knowing what you are doing. Some practical examples that can be difficult:
  • Vietnamese is widely regarded as a very difficult language
  • The paperwork and bureaucracy can be daunting and you have to be experienced with the formalities not to completely get lost in them.
  • There are practical difficulties like the need to have an office before you can start your company
  • Corruption is an obstinate issue in Vietnam. Although Vietnam is making steps in the right direction, there are still plenty of people that want some money “under the table”.
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About Us

About us:

  • We are a non-profit association since 1999. We have around 100 members in Vietnam and are expanding.
  • We work closely together with the Royal Dutch Embassy/ Consulate General, the Dutch trade promotor NLinBusiness, the Vietnamese authorities, the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and the European Chamber of Commerce.
  • We have formed a small and reliable collective of Dutch and Vietnamese entrepreneurs and experience experts.
  • We live in Vietnam, have a solid network, know the way and are here to help. We know and have expertise with reliable business service providers lawyers, consultants, market researchers, translators…
  • It is our mission to connect members of our association as well as Dutch market entrants to our network of knowledge and people. We support you in “landing softly” in Vietnam.

Curious about doing business Vietnam or contemplating a membership?

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